as a college teacher. i have taught for the university of california, Irvine, for Irvine valley college, the california state university at northridge, and the california state polytechnic university in pomona.

in addition to work as a teaching assistant, i have taught:

introduction to ethics, at uci
introduction to existentialism, at uci
writing philosophy, at uci
general logic, at csun
history of ancient philosophy, at csu pomona
history of modern philosophy, at csu pomona
history of philosophy to Descartes, at ivc
history of philosophy from Descartes, at ivc

i also have done teaching for the church. i have taught a number of classes for the los angeles diocesan ministry fair, all on liturgy.

i also enjoy teaching other church-related classes; at a parish level i am most energized teaching focused bible study classes and also discussions on spiritual growth.