christians are made, not born. and the way christians are made is through Baptism. if you want to explore the christian faith, start with a local church. find one that appeals to you. speak with the clergy. say who you are and where you come from. of course, i put my plug in for your local episcopal church.

do not worry about whether you accept everything said or believe this or that particular thing. the goal is not subscription to a list of doctrines; the goal is closer life with God. if this is what you desire, then pursue it.

if and when you are ready for Baptism, you can be baptized, which marks your membership in the church and your adoption as a child of God. different churches have different procedures, so speak with your clergy.

the only mistake you can make is to resist taking one step because you have not planned out your entire journey. just as you can go on a dinner date without knowing you want to marry your date, you can explore the christian faith without yet knowing where you will end up.

if you are already baptized, then you are already a christian. but for those who have not practiced their faith for many years, or ever, the same advice as above applies. if you want closer life with God, pursue it. as Jesus said, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened, ask and it will be given.

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