the brotherhood of saint Gregory is a religious order of the episcopal church. our community was founded in 1969 by Richard Thomas Biernacki, BSG, who is still the minister general of the community.

we are canonically recognized by the house of bishops. the community consists of both single brothers and brothers who are married or partnered. we live alone, in small groups, or with family. we are found all over the country and indeed the world. we have approximately forty members.

the whole community gathers two times a year, for a week each time, once in january and once in the summer. outside these convocations, brothers gather locally, and we stay in frequent contact by electronic means, as well as by good old fashioned letters. some brothers live in urban areas with many of their confreres, especially in new york, chicago, and new england. others live with great distance between them and the nearest other member of the community. but whatever the physical distance, the spiritual distance is extremely close.

brothers support themselves, and the brotherhood, in a variety of ways. some work in the banking industry or high tech. others are full-time or part-time students. some are church musicians, some parish clergy. we include nurses, missionaries, artists, scholars, and shopkeepers. some are retired.

our sisters, the sisters of saint Gregory are a similar community of women.

about being a brother: