the first step is to ask. knocking at the door is always necessary. it is not needed that you be certain you want to be a member of this group of men before you ask. discernment is best accomplished in community, and we offer seekers the structures within which they may begin that process of discovery.

any interested men are encouraged to speak with our director of vocations, who can be reached at you need not be certain of anything when you contact him; he is happy to explore together with anyone. you may also, of course, email me with any questions you have.

there are some formal requirements before one can be admitted as a postulant. one must be a communicant of the episcopal church or a church in communion with it, and eighteen years or older. after the director of vocations and an inquirer think he is ready to apply, the community's council invites the inquirer to an interview.

postulants are admitted at our summer convocation. we have an in-depth education program which postulants and novices complete, but beyond formal training this is a time of discovery, experimentation, and trying-on of the life of our community to see if it is a good fit.

after at least one year of postulancy and two years of novitiate, brothers may ask to make their first profession of annual vows. life profession is optional, and may not be requested until at least five years have passed from one's first profession.

about being a brother: