late night thoughts on listening to Beethoven's fourth piano concerto

the wind shivers through the trees,
    and the crickets sing their song.
the gentle piano calms the turbulent tutti,
    and they both break out in joy.

high, frilly pleasure,
    whistle, flutes, and all.
vibrant song, woundrous sound,
    rolling cadenza and mellow viola.

the cat watches the insect;
    i watch the wall.
we hear the music's song
    calling all to be alive.

oh powerful melody,
    oh joyous thrill.
oh masterful music—
    come and here the call!

double the rhythm,
    flurry the trill.
toot the horn,
    and pronounce the end.

oh, if i could return,
    to that wonderful day,
when first i chanced to hear
    the greatest song of all!

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