the Eucharist is the beginning and end of christian prayer. i cannot, however, give you any suggestions about how to begin this form of christian prayer, important though it is. for the Eucharist is essentially and irreducably communal.

my advice—and i admit it is my own parochial advice—is to poke around. go to the Eucharist. see how the Eucharist is celebrated in this church or that church. do not expect any instantaneous sudden miracle, but do not close yourself to them either.

so my parochial advice: look up the local episcopal church. show up. for most americans, at least, my advice is to look for the fanciest big service of the day. expect that some things will be interesting, some disappointing, some confusing.

stay for coffee hour. do not bolt out the door, but stay. seek out the clergy especially if you have trouble knowing who to talk to.

a word about Communion: in the episcopal church, all baptized christians are welcome to receive Communion. if you have been baptized (in whatever church), you need not hesitate: you are welcome at the table.

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