get yourself a towel, large enough to sit on, and a beautiful marble. you can use any small object instead of the marble if you like, but make it something beautiful. you can use any easily carried fabric as a prayer mat if you like.

set aside a time for your marble prayer, perhaps fifteen minutes each day. spread your towel. place your marble in front of you on the ground and sit on your towel. this is now your sacred space.

be silent. your task in this time is just to sit. you do not need to say anything or do anything. but you may, of course. you may repeat the Jesus prayer to yourself, you may reflect on your day, you may beg God for his support and strength or plead for the healing of those you love. when your time is through, say the Lord's prayer. fold up your towel. take your marble, and put it in your pocket.

whenever you wish, you may run your fingers over your marble, or take it out and reflect briefly. you carry your sacred space anywhere you wish, and may return to it with just that simple action.

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